Training And Equipping Of Senders

Dramatic changes have occurred in the missions world over the past few years. One of the most outstanding of these shifts is that local churches have taken to heart the task of sending out their own missionaries. Churches send missionaries out either on their own or in co-operation with an organisation. But how does a church ensure that their missionaries are well prepared and well cared for spiritually, emotionally, physically, materially and occupationally?

Member Care Southern Africa presents a workshop to equip churches on how to care more effectively for their missionaries.

  • The following topics are addressed in a 10-hour workshop:
  • Definition, Biblical basis, and the importance of Member Care
  • Partners in the sending and caring of a missionary
  • The phases in a missionary’s life
  • Phases in the preparation, sending and caring of a missionary
  • The assessment of missionaries
  • The Support Team
  • On-field care
  • Re-entry (Can also be done as a separate workshop)
  • Attrition

We also assist churches with the facilitation process of Member Care and the establishment of support structures for missionaries in the church.


Member Care Workshop & Support Team Training

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Mission Weeks

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Re-entry and Retirement Retreat 2015

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  • Compelled by the compassion of Christ we serve and care for missionaries.


  • Serving the body of Christ by offering skilled and timely care, enabling missionaries to live and minister according to God’s purpose.